Body Wraps- Biggest Internet Scam Yet?

A body wrap is one of the worst things you can do to your body. It's a total scam. And here's why.

A body wrap is one of the worst things you can do to your body. It's a total scam. And here's why.

There is no scientific evidence that body wraps burn fat. The only way to melt fat is with diet and excercise (granted some healthy supplements may contribute to weight loss). The truth is, body wraps are nothing more than bandages, or sometimes clay, that are soaked in herbs. And we're supposed to be believe that you can lose inches off your body in just an hour. Sit down and think about that for a moment. How is that even

possible? People spend months, sometimes even years on diet programs. Truth be told, if you stick to a diet, it does work. Anyone who disagrees falls into the category of the people who diet, and fall back into their old ways, causing them to gain the weight back.

Many of you may be wondering what exactly a body wrap is. It's pretty much a material, whether it be bandages, clay, even seaweed, soaked in herbs. How it works (and this is usually performed in a salon or spa), is by wrapping the client (or yourself) in seaweed or clay, which has been infused by herbs. They tell you to wrap yourself, beginning from the ankles, after measuring yourself in over 20 different areas. You must remain in the wrap for one hour. During this time, the spa technician will usually tell you that you can either relax, or jog on the treadmill/excercise for the hour. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but who's to say you don't actually feel better and slimmer after the hour? But it's not because of the's because you were excercising.

While body wraps may temporarily tighten your skin, it's not permanent. You see, it's not really taking off fat. It's simply water weight, and water retention. So basically,

it's not reducing your WEIGHT at all, it's just reducing your inches. This is not likely to last, either. While I was unable to find any evidence that a body wrap could be harmful to your body, common sense leads us to be cautious. Detoxification can be defined as the elimination of toxic materials inside tissues, cells, and even in your bloodstream. This is done best by a body cleanse, or even a body detox. This can be done naturally, or by using supplements with the right herbs in them. What the companies don't tell you is that body wraps are not the most effective way to lose weight. How a body wrap works is by soaking herbs onto certain materials right? By placing them on your skin, your body is able to absorb them. But they won't be in your system for long. It would be much more effective to detoxify your body by changing your diet or taking a vegetable capsule to enhance the process.

It breaks my heart that so many companies are so profit-motivated. Websites such as and "wrap yourself slim" are prime examples of this evil. Why lie to the customer? Why not find something that actually works? Legally, they can do this, too. By advertising that you can lose "inches" they're right. You will lose inches. Temporarily. Once you drink enough water, or eat a good solid meal, you'll start gaining it all back. Losing weight and losing inches, again, are two very different things. It's sad that there is no honesty anymore. Because really, who wouldn't appreciate a product that was honest about its results?

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